Linville Falls, NC

On our last day of exploration in North Carolina, Deb and I decided to visit Linville Falls.  It was quite a trip from Hendersonville, winding through Marion and up a long winding mountain road.  It seemed that we would never arrive.  I’m glad we didn’t have to climb that mountain on foot!  Once we arrived at the parking lot for the falls, we hiked the trail to the falls.

Linville Falls

There were several overlooks for viewing the falls, and Deb and I stopped at two of them.  We took our time, enjoying the scenery as we climbed each trail.

While we were on the second platform, we overheard a little girl telling her parents that she wanted to see the copperhead.  I didn’t think anything about that statement, but Deb looked quizzically at the mother and repeated, “Copperhead?”  The mother replied, “Yes, there is a copperhead snake on the trail to the next overlook.  Just stay to the left.”  Deb and I looked at each other and I said, “I have enough shots of the falls, so I really don’t need to go to the next overlook.”  Deb agreed, and we went back down the trail to the car.

Copperhead snakes are the most likely snake to bite.  They bite more people than any other snake, and while not usually fatal, they should be avoided.  I don’t know if anyone was bitten that day at Linville Falls.  We didn’t wait around to find out!

Coming down the mountain from the falls was even more harrowing than driving up.  We inched our way down the banked winding road and we were rewarded with another small waterfall along the way.  We took a break from the ride down the mountain to take a photo.  It was a good trip, and Linville Falls was an exciting way to end our North Carolina excursion.





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