Breathing Mountain Air


My good friend Deb has been wanting to go on a soul journey to the mountains of North Carolina for some time.  I wanted to go to capture some fall colors.  So we found some time, developed a plan, and off we went.

I immediately found some fall color at Deb’s beautiful house in Virginia, which is surrounded by woods.GE


The local groundhog stopped by to pose for a picture, too. GE

We got on the road early and drove to Charlotte, where we met up with friends for dinner.  By the time we  headed to our next destination, we were relaxed and totally on vacation time.  We had lots of time to talk in the car as we were driving along, and, as happens when Deb and I have time to talk, there was lots of therapeutic laughter.

We stayed in Hendersonville for the rest of our trip, so that we wouldn’t have to keep packing up and unpacking.  With this as our base, we ventured west to Cherokee, and northeast to Linville Falls.   Each of these deserve their own posts!

More to come.


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